We understand that sometimes it’s necessary to deviate from ISO and NFPA industry standards to meet the needs of our customers. Our team of fluid power experts welcome the opportunity to create your custom cylinder to your precise specifications combining our engineering, manufacturing experience and meticulous high quality of standards. 

Our engineers have worked with companies located in the United States as well as International customers across the globe. 

Call 800-526-7968, email sales@peninsularcylinders.com or fill out the Application Data Sheet to get started!

Types of custom cylinders

  • Hydraulic Cylinders (Low & High Pressure)
    Ability to create high forces with more accurate control
  • Pneumatic Cylinders
    Cost prohibited way of achieving linear movements
  • Mill Cylinders
    Robust design for harsh environments
  • Welded/Tie-Rod Cylinders
    Most times, more compact than tie-rod cylinders

Our simplistic approach to such a complex process is form, fit & function. We take all of these factors into consideration when engineering your custom cylinder to ensure reliability.

computerized cylinder drawing computerized cylinder drawing

custom railroad cylinders

Railroad custom cylinders used for rail maintenance. Includes integral booster to operate up to 10,000 PSI.

What’s Customizable

  • Heads & Caps (larger, smaller, shape, material)
  • Cylinder Tube (larger, thickness, material)
  • Pistons (material, seal type)
  • Tie Rods (material)
  • Tube Seals (material, plating)
  • Rod Seals (material, shape)
  • Rod Wiper (material, shape)
  • Piston Rod (material)
  • Bearing Cartridge (material)
  • Ports (size, type)
  • Piston Seals (material, shape)
  • Cushions (material, size)
  • Large Bore (size)
  • Valve & Manifolds (integral & bolt-on)
  • Hard Piping

Special cylinders can be required in certain rugged applications, such as those that require a unique mounting configuration. This is just one component of the cylinder that can be customized to the applications demands.  Special seals can be used to withstand even the harshest of environments and allow fluid to be contained in the cylinder. 

Whether its a specific stroke length, extreme temperature, hazardous environment or specialized operating fluid we can get it done!

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Industries Served

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?
Typical turn-a-round time is 3-5 weeks

Is there a minimum order?
There is no minimum amount required for a custom cylinder order

What is the largest bore size available?
Up to 20″ Bore

What is the maximum stroke length?
The max stroke length is up to 20 feet

What is the maximum operating pressure?
Up to 10,000 PSI

Is there a warranty?
Yes, please see full warranty information

Custom Cylinder Process

  1. Fill out the Application Data Sheet form online
  2. Call 800-526-7968 to contact a Sales Representative
  3. Email sales@peninsularcylinders.com with your project information

Customer Reviews

custom cylinders“Check out these 10,000 psi VERY custom hydraulic cylinders manufactured by one of my best product lines, Peninsular Cylinder Company out of Roseville, MI.
These cylinders will be used as the backup cylinders on a tong capable of producing 200,000 ft-lbs of torque. The ports are on the end of the rod (red caps) and the body travels out to meet the pipe. The dies that grip the pipe (not shown in pics) will be mounted on the opposite end of the cylinder. My customer purchased a couple of seal kits to go with the cylinders.”
Eric Mayeux CFPS
Fluid Power Systems & Sales, LLC.


Benefit from longer lasting cylinders that are proudly Made in USA, Since 1948. Peninsular Cylinder also offers Cylinder Repair on all makes/models.