MMAC 100 Series

Automotive Standard Cylinders

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MMAC 100 Series Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders Built to Chrysler Specifications

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Ordering Procedure for Chrysler Standard Cylinders

When Ordering Please Specify:

1) Specify Chrysler Cylinder Series Code “MMAC”

2) Specify Chrysler Cylinder Model Number:

Model Number Mount Description
100 Side Lug Mount (MS2)
110 Cap Rectangular Flange (MF2)
120 Head Rectangular Flange (MF1)
130 Pivot Mount (MP3)
140 Center Trunnion (MT4)

*NOTE: Consult Factory if the Cylinder needs to be Proximity Switch Ready

3) Optional Feature: Specify E to designate Rod Extension & Rod Boot

Note: Omit from Part Number if not needed

4) Specify Cushion Location


B Cushion on Blind End Only
R Cushion on Rod End Only
BR Cushion on both Blind and Rod Ends
NC No Cushions

Cushion Adjustment may be at Positions 1,2,3, or 4.
Cushions are standard at Position 2 & 3.

5) Specify Cylinder Bore

6) Specify Cylinder Stroke Rounded to Nearest 2 Decimals


7) Specify Rod End Style:

1 = Male Thread (Standard Chrysler)
2 = Female Threads

8) Specify all Port Locations (Chrysler Ports are Standard at Positions 2 & 3. NPTF Ports are standard. Ports may be located at positions 1,2,3, or 4.)


MMAC-100 Cylinder Parts List
Pre-Lubricated (250 PSIG Rated)
Tie Rod Nut Cap End
Tube O-Ring Cylinder Tube
Cushion Seal Piston Wear Brand
Piston U-Cup Tie Rod
Piston Head
Rod Seal Rod Cartridge O-Ring
Rod Cartridge Rod Cartridge Retainer Plate
Rod Wiper Rod Wear Band
Cushion Adjustment Piston Rod