Peninsular is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company. They work to ensure their products maintain a standard of high quality, reliability, durability, and performance under harsh conditions. Read their customer’s words below about the solutions Peninsular has provided them to help solve challenging applications.

Partnering with Peninsular: Stronger Together.

Peninsular sells $Millions of dollars worth of cylinders every year. Across 50 states. This is why we recognize the value of distributor partnerships being key to continued growth. We believe we are stronger together; and it looks like our distributors feel the same way. Here is what a representative has to say about being a Distributor for Peninsular, "Great to see your re-active and proactive actions.  It's quite obvious that Peninsular is trying their very best to make continuous improvements to their company and their processes. Keep up the great efforts; we are privileged to be called one of your distributors."  

Shipping on a Tight Schedule

In a hypercompetitive market, getting product out the door is crucial to success.  Read our customer's words below about our shipping team's ability to adhere to a tight shipping schedule. "I can't imagine this was an easy task to complete and ship on such a tight schedule.  Only great teams and leaders can execute and complete these types of tasks at hand. Your group and all parties involved at Peninsular have definitely displayed this quality in which all other companies strive to achieve. Please thank each and everyone who helped with our order. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication. Thank you, thank you...thank you." --Satisfied Customer, Louisiana

EJ Testimonial

EJ (formerly East Jordan Iron Works), was on a quest for an external repair shop. Then, they found Peninsular, and the rest is history. Read EJ’s words below about how Peninsular has accommodated their repair needs. "When EJ decided to look for an external cylinder repair shop, we had a few items that the new shop would need to be capable of doing for us. We did not want to rebuild cylinders at EJ anymore and needed a shop with a good turnaround time since the cylinders would now be off site for repair. Fair shipping cost and the ability to apply a new paint color code we were implementing were also important. The shop needed to have the ability [...]

3 Day Turnaround for a Hot Request

“This will help out extremely for our accelerated timing!! I know you may not hear it often enough but … Suppliers like yourself are the backbone of our industry!!! We don’t exist without the help and support of our great vendors … Peninsular ROCKS!!!” These are the words of a satisfied Peninsular customer. They reside on the top of a page featuring other client testimonials.  It’s easy to copy and paste this content onto our website, but what is the background to this happy ending? What went into prompting a valued client to take the time to write and send these positive words? Read more below to find out. One of the largest machine tool manufacturers in the state of [...]

Peninsular & DuBose-Cost, Service, & Adaptability

Dubose Strapping is a manufacturer of steel and plastic strapping, house wrap, and steel wrap. Our company was started in 1990 and only produced steel strapping at that time. Our facilities are located in Clinton, NC and Crawfordsville, IN. Our primary customers are the lumber industry, and steel industry. Our first experience with Peninsular was looking for more cost effective cylinders to replace other existing brands without sacrificing quality. Our major power transmission supplier suggested we try Peninsular and explained the benefits and quality put into the product. After successfully converting several existing cylinder brands to Peninsular, we used Peninsular to design cylinders for special applications where a standard cylinder would not work. For every application that we have used [...]