Welded Cylinder

In attempts to identify the correct Welded Cylinder for your application:

  1. Download a Peninsular Cylinder Sizing Chart (below) – Identify the mounting style of the cylinder in question or use the basic cylinder template (No Mount-MX0) to design your own cylinder.
    Welded Cylinder Mounting Styles 
    Welded Type Cylinder-Spherical Eye
    Welded Type Cylinder -Male Eye
    Welded Type Cylinder- No Mount
    Welded Type Cylinder-Female Clevis
  2. Print a copy of the chart containing the required mounting style and FILL IN ALL DIMENSIONS and information as requested.
  3. FAX the completed chart here:
    Peninsular Cylinder Company
    Attn: Customer Service at FAX: (586) 775-4545.

The Peninsular Cylinder Sales team will contact you within the same business day.

Special Cylinder Requirements?
At Peninsular, we understand that there are occasions where you may have special cylinder requirements. If you require a special cylinder, please fill out the Application Data Sheet.

Peninsular Cylinder FAX: (586) 775-4545