Welded vs Tie-Rod Cylinders

Welded Cylinder

The biggest difference is the end caps that hold the cylinder together. Welded cylinders have the end caps welded to the tube while Tie-rod cylinders are held together by four threaded tie bolts.

Welded cylinders often take up less space, can handle higher operating pressures and withstand harsh environments. Tie-rod cylinders are available with faster delivery times, easily maintained but do take up a larger footprint. Custom design options are available for both types of these high quality cylinders. 

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Welded Cylinder Photos (Industrial)

Operating Pressures

Because of the structural advantages of a welded cylinder body the amount of force or pressure that can be handled is great.

  • 3,000 – 5,000 PSI
  • Higher Pressure (Consult Factory)

Small & Large Bore Sizes

  • 1 1/2″ – 8″ Bore (As soon as 4 Weeks)
  • 8″ – Large Bore (Consult Factory)


  • Up to 200″

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?
Typical manufacturing time is as soon as 4 weeks. (Consult Factory for Faster Delivery Times)

Are rush options available?
Yes, expedited options are available depending on the scope of the project

Can welded cylinders be repaired?
Many times a welded cylinder can be repaired. Quotes/Evaluations are free and is where our team will assess the total cost of repair 

Is there a warranty?
Yes, click here to view our cylinder warranty

Popular Industrial Applications

Identify the correct Welded Cylinder for your application:

  1. Download a Peninsular Cylinder Sizing Chart (below) – Identify the mounting style of the cylinder in question or use the basic cylinder template (No Mount-MX0) to design your own cylinder.
    Welded Cylinder Mounting Styles 
    Welded Type Cylinder-Spherical Eye
    Welded Type Cylinder -Male Eye
    Welded Type Cylinder- No Mount
    Welded Type Cylinder-Female Clevis
  2. Print a copy of the chart containing the required mounting style and FILL IN ALL DIMENSIONS and information as requested.
  3. FAX the completed chart here:
    Peninsular Cylinder Company
    Attn: Customer Service at FAX: (586) 775-4545.

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