MMAC 200 Series

Automotive Standard Cylinders

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MMAC 200 Series & MMHC 200 Series Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders Built to Chrysler Specifications

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Ordering Procedure for Chrysler Standard Cylinders

When Ordering Please Specify:

1) Specify Chrysler Cylinder Series Code “MMHC”

2) Specify Chrysler Cylinder Model Number:

Model Number Mount Description
205-MS2 Side Lug
215-MF2 Cap Rectangular Flange
225-MF1 Head Rectangular Flange
235-MP1 Cap Fixed Clevis
245-MT1 Head Trunnion
255-MS4 Side Tapped
265-MT2 Cap Trunnion

*NOTE: Consult Factory if the Cylinder needs to be Proximity Switch Ready

3) Specify Cushion Location


B Cushion on Blind End Only
R Cushion on Rod End Only
BR Cushion on both Blind and Rod Ends
NC No Cushions

Cushion Adjustment may be at Positions 1,2,3, or 4.
Cushions are standard at Position 2.

4) Specify Cylinder Bore

5) Specify Cylinder Stroke Rounded to Nearest 2 Decimals

6) Specify Cylinder Rod Diameter

7) Specify Cylinder Rod End Style:

B Chrysler Standard (4 flats)
FM Full Male, Short Thread
IM Intermediate Male, Short Thread
SM Short Male, Short Thread with Shoulder
SF Short Female

8) Specify Port Locations

(Note: NPTF Ports are Standard. Port location is standard at Position 1. Ports may be located at Positions 1, 2, 3, or 4.)