cust. serv. testimonial-linkedinA charming office has resided on Groesbeck Highway, the industrial heart of Metro Detroit, since 1948. Fluid power professionals from across the coast have walked through its doors for years. If you were to walk in today, the sounds of phones ringing and keyboards clicking would fill the air. These sounds belong to our customer service team; the heart of our business. So, what is the approach of our team that keeps our organization going? First, they listen. They gather the who, what, where, and when.  Who is the client? What are the application needs? Where are the cylinders shipping to? Are they hydraulic or pneumatic? Standard or Special? These questions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their daily responsibilities. Then, they act. Each member of our customer service team operating as an integral part of the whole. In the midst of it all, unexpected requests seep into their day. This is the nature of the business. These requests will always arise, but it is how they are managed that is important.  So, how does our customer service team address these last-minute situations? Read this testimonial below to find out!

“Good Morning,

Just wanted to send your team an “atta boy” this morning. We had an issue with one of our largest customers in that their purchasing department inadvertently sent an order for 26 cylinders to an invalid email address at our office. These cylinders were needed for a project on Saturday the 11th.  The problem came to light when the customer contacted me on Thursday the 2nd asking where the cylinders were.  I made what I figured to be a futile phone call to Dave Bucek explaining what had happened. Instead of just telling me there was no way to get them done, he said let me check. After several phone calls, quote changes and emails he assured me that the cylinders would be ready to ship NDA on Thursday the 9th. Bryan Hoover became the “go to” guy for follow-up on the order. He stayed in touch with me with updates all the way up to providing tracking numbers late Thursday afternoon. As a result, the cylinders were delivered Friday around noon. Customer was happy, project completed on Saturday. I know there were many others involved in this process that I don’t know their names so I trust you will give them our thanks. I realize this note is lengthy but due to the lack of good customer service in our industry and others I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate the efforts of your team. Just another reason we like doing business with Peninsular Cylinder.


Thanks again,

Ardent Peninsular Distributor