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Peninsular Mill Cylinder Facts

Engineered and Built for Endurance
Peninsular Mill Series Cylinders incorporate state-of-the-art design features that are fabricated to very strict tolerance specifications from the highest quality of materials available. The result is a reliable and trouble-free operation under the most demanding conditions.

Choose from a Wide Selection
Peninsular Mill Series Cylinders are available in 8 mounting styles with bore sizes ranging from 2.00″ to 20.00″. In addition, Mill Series Cylinders may also be Special designed to suit specific customer applications. Viton™ and other type seal materials are available to meet your specific needs. These cylinders are also available with ISO metric dimensions and mounting configurations. When ordering a Metric Mill Series Cylinder use the prefix letter “I” for model designation, (e.g. I-Mill-).

In attempts to identify the correct Welded Cylinder for your application

  1. Download Peninsular Cylinder Sizing Chart
  2. Identify the mounting style of the cylinder in question or use the basic cylinder template (No Mount-MX0) to design your own cylinder.
  3. Print a copy of the chart containing the required mounting style and FILL IN ALL DIMENSIONS and information as requested.
  4. FAX the completed copied chart and Contact Information form to:
    Peninsular Cylinder Company
    Attn: Customer Service at FAX: (586) 775-4545.

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Special Cylinder Requirements?
On occasion, we have special cylinder requirements. If you require a special cylinder, please fill out & fax back this Application Form.