Instructions for Logging into the Configurator

1) Click CAD Download and click on any of the options that appear underneath for a login screen to appear

2) Enter in your Email Address
*PLEASE NOTE: You can still login with the email address you used on the old configurator (as along as it is using a registered domain name). If it is the same, then enter that email address, select Lost Password and check your email for a confirmation link from PARTsolutions to create your new password. (remember to check your junk or spam in case).

For security purposes, the configurator only allows email addresses with a paid domain, so if you are using Gmail, Yahoo, etc., you will have to email Peninsular directly at Peninsular Sales to be granted access to the configurator.

Once you select Lost Password, this should box should appear:

3) Your Email Confirmation Should Look Like This:
Click on Reset Password

That should bring you here. Type in your new Password

4) Accept GDPR License Agreement

Click here to get back to the Configurator