EJ (formerly East Jordan Iron Works), was on a quest for an external repair shop. Then, they found Peninsular, and the rest is history. Read EJ’s words below about how Peninsular has accommodated their repair needs.

“When EJ decided to look for an external cylinder repair shop, we had a few items that the new shop would need to be capable of doing for us.

We did not want to rebuild cylinders at EJ anymore and needed a shop with a good turnaround time since the cylinders would now be off site for repair. Fair shipping cost and the ability to apply a new paint color code we were implementing were also important.

The shop needed to have the ability to work with us and make special changes to meet our needs.

Quality of the parts use and the consistency rebuilding our cylinders with improvements were also key. We needed to be able to work together for the best reliability. We also needed the least amount of downtime caused by cylinder failure.

We needed a relationship with the cylinder repair shop open and clear to express our needs and hear their ideas and solutions to our problems. Together we would need to make major gains in cylinder reliability and performance. The shop would need to work with EJ on special projects and engineering solutions.

We found Peninsular Cylinder and have formed a great relationship with this company. They are willing to help with anything we can dream up as well as general cylinder repair. The people we work with are friendly, helpful, and on call 24/7 for our needs.”