“This will help out extremely for our accelerated timing!!

I know you may not hear it often enough but … Suppliers like yourself are the backbone of our industry!!! We don’t exist without the help and support of our great vendors … Peninsular ROCKS!!!

These are the words of a satisfied Peninsular customer. They reside on the top of a page featuring other client testimonials.  It’s easy to copy and paste this content onto our website, but what is the background to this happy ending? What went into prompting a valued client to take the time to write and send these positive words? Read more below to find out.

One of the largest machine tool manufacturers in the state of Michigan contacted Peninsular with a crucial delivery request Tuesday afternoon of August 22nd, 2017: They wanted two cylinders built and delivered to northern Indiana by 08/30/17.  The products pictured are two heavy duty steel air cylinders with 6” bores, both accompanied by trunnion mounting assemblies.

The Peninsular team adjusted resources and the cylinders were hand delivered by noon Thursday August 24th, 2017. Clear communication, quality manufacturing, attention to detail, and a strong customer focus were all key factors in making this happen. Peninsular continues to implement these strategic processes daily to ensure the satisfaction of their clients both nationally and internationally.