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PENINSULAR CYLINDER COMPANY is a subsidiary of AVIS Industrial Corporation.  AVIS Industrial is a diversified and privately owned corporation with eleven subsidiaries that manufacture a broad range of products serving  the needs of practically every market and industry.  To find out what AVIS Industrial Corporation can do for you please visit us at  WWW.AVISINDUSTRIAL.COM.

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 Cylinder Accessories

Our Cylinder Configurator makes ordering easier because our customers can answer simple questions thus, eliminating the need for confusing cylinder catalogs and complex engineering data. Our “Helpful Hints” answer all customer questions that may arise. A solid cylinder model and corresponding part number appear once configured. Instant Solid Model Downloads into your CAD system and 2D drawings with dimensions included. 


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NFPA Cylinder Accessories

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Metric-Hydraulic Cylinder Accessories

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 Pneumatic Thrusters

Large Bore Cylinders

Too much Air Cylinder side loading?

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 (Slides & Die Lifters)

Large Bore Cylinders-Cylinder Bore Sizes up to 24"


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 About Peninsular

 Special Cylinders

All Peninsular cylinders, cylinder accessories, pneumatic radial motion clamps and pneumatic thrusters (air powered slides and die lifters) can be manufactured to either NFPA or Metric dimensional standards. Combine this with our competitive price structure, on-time delivery, prompt response to quotes, factory and engineering support service and our domestic and international distribution network and you will find the best value and cost efficiency available in today's market.

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Ford Standard 


Chrysler Standard


Decell Cylinders

Pneumatic Thrusters

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