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Model MH and Model LM NFPA Pneumatic Cylinders

"Selecting the Correct Port Type"

The National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) has established standard port sizes for pneumatic cylinders to go along with standardized bore sizes.

Cylinder ports are threaded holes that can be located on any of the four cylinder end cover side locations. The port contains standard thread dimensions to accept pneumatic fittings (used to introduce air into the cylinder) commonly found in industrial applications throughout North America and elsewhere around the world. A port may be located on any side of the cylinder head and cap end covers. 

Air supply ports may be occasionally be oversized; however, when this occurs, the cylinder becomes "Non-NFPA Standard" and is generally not NFPA interchangeable when compared to other NFPA cylinders. Oversized Ports are not configurable herein.

When selecting Port Locations for Double Rod End Cylinders, please contact Peninsular.



Illustration #1:       NPT Ports  -  are the most commonly used Air Supply Ports

The chart below lists Standard NPT Port Size Dimensions as

 specified by the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA)

NPT Ports

- Have Tapered Threads

Dimensional Data for

NFPA Standard NPT Air Ports





Illustration #2:       Oversized  NPT Air Supply Ports

                                               Note:  Port Bosses are Required for Oversized Ports

Very few applications may require a larger port than the stated NFPA standard port size. When oversized ports are ordered, a “Port Boss” is welded to the cylinder head to accommodate the larger supply port.

Oversized NPT Port Sizes are available by special request and are not configurable within this configurator.  NPT Oversized Port dimensions containing bosses are referenced below. When oversized ports are required, contact Peninsular at Toll Free (800) 526-7968 in the USA or Canada or at (586) 775-7211. You may also email  us at 

Oversized NPT Port shown with a Port Boss

with chart listing Oversized NPT Port Size Dimensions






Illustration #3:   Selecting End Cap Air Supply Port Locations

The purpose of this configurator screen is to identify the “Head End” (Front End Cap) and "Cap End" (Rear End Cap) side locations that require air supply ports. An air supply port may be located on any one, two, three or four of the four sides of the square end cover of the cylinder that is not resticted by the cylinder mount. When selecting the port location, one must always view the cylinder through the front of the “Head End” (also referred to as the "Rod End") even when selecting the port location on the "Cap End". The illustrations below provide an explanation on how to view the cylinder for making the port location(s) decision.

When selecting Port Locations for Double Rod End Cylinders, please contact Peninsular.

  End Cap Air Supply Port Location Charts 
End Cap Side Positions

View of a Side Foot Lug Mounting Style cylinder (MS2) showing both the Front & Rear End Caps with Air Supply Ports at  Positions  #1.


Arrows are pointing to the End Cap Side Locations


For any cylinder mount, always view the Cylinder through the Front End Cap when determining the  Air Supply Port location(s) for both the Front and Rear End Caps.


If you need any assistance please feel free to call us toll free at (800) 526-7968 in the USA or Canada or at (586) 775-7211. You may also e-mail us at



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